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Past Life Regression and the Tunnel of Time Healing Technique can be helpful to understand why we think or behave in certain ways in our present life. We may have certain opinions that have no logical basis from our present life experiences. We may have certain talents or abilities that come naturally to us. We may even have hobbies that reflect a previous incarnation or the desire to collect antiques from a specific timeframe. I often hear people say, “I am totally obsessed with Egyptian/ Indian/ British/ Civil War, etc. artifacts and I don’t know why.” These “obsessions” are often an attempt to emotionally reconnect with a previous lifetime when the individual felt loved, supported, or connected with their loved ones or their culture at that time.

Other people look to Past Life Regression or the Tunnel of Time Healing Technique because they are upset and confused by situations that arise again and again. They say things like, “Why does this always keep happening to me?” It is as if they are replaying a script in an old movie. Information about previous lives can often help them to understand where they learned to view their experiences from a specific perspective. Once they understand the reasons for their perspective (how they view the world), it may be possible for them to shift to a different perspective. This, of course, causes a different outcome, because they now have the ability to choose a different set of responses to their environment. They are no longer locked into their old ways of relating to their environment and the people in it.

Tashene has been offering Past Life Regression and the Tunnel of Time Healing Technique to her clients for over 20 years. Past Life Regression guides individuals into an altered state in which they can find glimpses of their previous lives. However, unless the individual is a natural visionary or an experienced meditater, this process may take several sessions for the necessary information to be revealed.

She has found, over the years, that it is more efficient and effective for her to be the channel of the pertinent information. This information comes through in two distinctly different ways. It can happen spontaneously while she is doing a Life Reading. She may see a hologram of a previous lifetime in the individual’s aura. This gives basic information about the energy of the individual during that previous timeframe that may reveal what the individual was like in that previous life. She also is able to intentionally go into a trance state to follow the Soul’s Tunnel of Time to receive more in-depth information and specific data regarding the people who were also present in that timeframe. This information is often helpful in changing present life relationships by understanding and healing the patterns of relating that were established during the previous encounter that may be triggered by that same individual in the present timeframe.



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  • helps us to find the previous connections we've had with people
  • helps us understand why we react in certain ways
  • helps us to understand why we are attracted to certain hobbies
  • helps us to shift our understanding of life patterns and begin healing them
  • gives us more clarity about our sense of who we are