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Psychic Readings

Born and raised in Hamilton, Andrea did not realize she had any psychic gifts until she channelled a spirit who had crossed in 1999. She had always been different, and was called “over-sensitive” as a child. After a Reiki treatment with her first Reiki Master, her clairvoyance opened up. Andrea uses the skills of clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing), and clairvoyance (seeing), in her readings. She works from a place of gratitude and joy.

Andrea has been doing Psychic Readings since 1999. She relies on her intuition and the guidance of the angelic realms to help her determine which tools to use to give accurate information. She has a child-like air about her during her readings, as she is genuinely excited and grateful for the information she receives.

Andrea's main focus is on healing. She sees a psychic reading as an opportunity to connect with universal love and provide her clients with the chance to see their lives from a fresh and new perspective. Her main advice to someone coming for a reading would be to come with an open mind.

Always remember when going to a psychic reader, that it is important to retain your own free will. Please do not give a psychic your power. No person in their integrity will "tell" you what to do.




Here I am at my first Psychic Fair in Hamilton.


Hanneke and I celebrating a successful day.



What can you expect when you first sit down with Andrea?

The first thing I will do with you is ask you what you are looking for in your reading. This gives me an idea of the particular focus of your reading.

What happens in a typical reading?

  1. We sit to discuss your goals for the reading.
  2. If you wish to connect with someone who has crossed over, I usually do that first.
  3. If there are physical concerns, I connect with various systems of your body and listen to what your body wants to tell me.
  4. I move into the psychic reading portion, looking at 4 basic areas: foundational (physical), love/relationships (emotional), career/finances (intellectual), and connection (spiritual).

You are a medical intutive. Can you tell me if I have cancer, or if I'm going to have a heart attack?

No, I am not a doctor. I cannot diagnose or prescribe. The information I provide you with is meant to alert you to any areas of your body where you are holding on to energy that no longer serves you.

As a medium, can you connect with exactly who I want you to?

I cannot guarantee I will be able to connect with a particular spirit. Generally, when I open up to receive information, various spirits "stand in line" to get to have the opportunity to talk to you. Sometimes a spirit is not available or capable of communicating on the earth plane.

Can you connect with my animal who has crossed over?

Again, possibly. Often animals do come through in readings, usually to show they are well.

Are your readings scary?

I do my best to make you feel comfortable. I have never had a client say they were afraid during a reading. I will tell you the truth and not hold anything back. You can expect honesty, but you will not get me taking away your power.

Can you tell me my future?

I do not believe anyone can tell anyone's future. I believe in free will. In your reading, I will pick up certain things that will happen only if you stay in the present energy and choose for them to happen. Please do not give your power away to any psychic. If I tell you that you will have a terrible fight with your spouse when you get home, you have choices. You can say, "Andrea is right. I am going to go home and get to him/her, before he/she can attack me" -so then the fight begins. You can also go home and shift the energy so it does not happen.

What do you mean by free will?

Free will is your ability to choose what you want in your life. I will not make choices for you. I will offer suggestions, but never tell you what to do.

Do you tape your readings?

Yes, I do. However, I cannot guarantee the quality of the tape. As well, with all technology, there are times that things malfunction. I do my best to check on the tape recorder and trust that all will work as it is supposed to.

Can I come to you for information about someone else?

I only do readings for someone who is in front of me or on the phone, unless I have his/her explicit permission. I believe you would not want someone else to get information about you from a psychic. To be a part of this type of scheme would go against my integrity. I will not help you find out if your significant other is cheating on you, or anything else of that vein.

Why do you do this work?

It is an honour for me to be able to serve you with integrity and honesty. I love to connect with people within a spiritual context. I do this work because I believe it helps people to connect with their own truth. I enjoy seeing the transformation that happens with each reading. I look forward to meeting you soon!


 Tools used in Readings:


*  Tarot Cards

*  Crystal/Stone Layouts

Medical Intuition





 Please call or email Andrea to book a private session.

Andrea is also available for small house parties upon request.  

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